Insurance Archaeology for Environmental Property Cleanup

Over the past 20+ years, Restorical has been conducting a meticulous audit of the insurance industry, including each individual insurance carrier. Restorical leverages this real-world experience and our proprietary database to the advantage of our policyholder and property owner clients.

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What is Insurance Archeology?

As insurance archeologists, we specialize in transforming old and often overlooked insurance policies into financial assets for our clients to cover the cost of unanticipated environmental liabilities. What makes Restorical different is our policyholder-focused approach. We work exclusively with policyholders—not insurance carriers – who discover environmental contamination on their property by uncovering historical insurance policies to fund the necessary cleanup. 

After uncovering these “hidden assets,” we’ll help you devise strategies, collaborate with your legal and environmental consultants, manage your claim, and support the project to its conclusion, be it a cleanup, settlement, or redevelopment.

Insurance ArchAeology
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Who We Work With

Our Clients

Over the past 20 years, we have helped thousands of clients by discovering historical insurance policies that helped pay for cleanup. Their stories range from the bygone gas stations and dry cleaners to large Superfund sites.
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Gas Station

We offer a lifeline for gas station owners, operators, and developers facing environmental remediation.
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Waterfront & Maritime

At Restorical Research, we’ve worked on hundreds of waterfront and maritime sites with histories that span back to the 1800s
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We facilitate sustainable and economically viable redevelopment projects facing environmental cleanup
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Our team has assisted hundreds of residential homeowners in addressing and funding environmental concerns
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Farming & Agriculture

Our team specializes in uncovering historical General Liability insurance policies to address present farming and agriculture contamination
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Bulk Plant Facilities

We ensures the financial protection and operational continuity of historic bulk plant facilities.
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Bus Barns

We uncover hidden assets so bus barn owners can address their facility’s environmental legacies.
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How It Works

Our Proven Process

Our comprehensive, Proven Process is structured to uncover historical insurance policies and maximize their value to serve your needs. Throughout each phase of research and strategy to management and accounting, our work is conducted with complete transparency, aiming for a successful resolution—be it a buy/sell decision, remediation, or recovery. 

While we specialize in obtaining coverage for environmental liabilities through a structured approach to historical policy analysis and the development of a strategic recovery plan, Restorical Research does not provide legal advice.
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Task 1


Intake Call & Onboarding

The Task 1 process begins with an intake call and onboarding, where we will introduce you to our Success Team and establish the key contacts and roles for your project to successfully identify historical insurance policies. Following intake and onboarding, we conduct an initial Trigger Analysis, which outlines key events, parties, and timelines that formulate the basis of recommendations and coverage strategy.

Research & Deliverables

During the Research and Deliverables stage, our archaeologists are developing and following insurance leads and assembling a chronological and detailed Site History. We search through attics, basements, water-damaged storage units, and sleuthing through our digital archives to assemble a comprehensive insurance coverage schedule. The results from this research inform and finalize the Trigger Analysis.


Findings & Recommendations

Once we’ve collected our findings, we will make the critical decision to determine if a good-faith claim can be tendered to historical insurance carriers and coverage may be obtained.  
If affirmative, we proceed with our tailored approach and recommendations. Otherwise, we will suggest alternative strategies. 

If our engagement extends beyond 120 days following the intake call, we waive the Task 1 fee for this phase of work.

Task 2



Task 2 kicks off with the Coverage stage, which lasts between two to four months, we introduce you to insurance coverage attorneys and onboard this integral member of the team. We share essential files with your attorney as they draft a written Coverage Opinion Letter for client approval. Consult and perfect the Coverage Strategy, and assist legal counsel as they tender the initial claim to the historical carrier(s).

The adage of ‘the squeaky wheel’ best describes our efforts.

Recovery & Tracking

With good evidence, persuasive arguments, dogged attention, and creative thinking, the carrier(s) will agree to coverage – without litigation. This is where we transition into the Recovery & Tracking stage as we establish protocols for the team that will streamline carrier approval and funding. Our forensic accounting team actively tracks and manages your claim. Our goal is to obtain funding for your cleanup and preservation of the schedule.

Periodic reviews ensure continued success.

Completion & Client Review

The Task 2 process culminates with the Completion & Client Review stage, where we ensure that your goals have been achieved: Buy/Sell, Remediated, No Further Action, Recovery, etc.

We conduct a close-out call and perform an exit interview to confirm your satisfaction and obtain feedback on ways to continuously improve our services.
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Insurance Policies

We guide our clients through a comprehensive and structured process to uncover and utilize historical insurance policies to serve their needs. We have taken extraordinary care that this process is not a burden to your time, personnel or resources. Throughout each phase, we operate with complete transparency, aiming for a successful resolution—be it a buy/sell decision, remediation, or recovery. 

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What We Do

Our Services

At Restorical Research, each policyholder and property owner we serve faces unique circumstances based on their property’s history. With this in mind, we do not offer our services a la carte. Instead, we follow a proven process to create a personalized coverage strategy for each client, which may include any combination of the following services:

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PFAS Cleanup

We help clients recover the cost of forever chemical cleanup by uncovering historical insurance policies
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Vapor Intrusion Remediation & Mitigation

We are adept at navigating the intricacies of vapor intrusion and securing insurance coverage for our clients based on historical policies
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Trigger Analysis

Save time and money with our proprietary Trigger Analysis process for developing a comprehensive coverage strategy.
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Site History

We understand the importance of proving property ownership through public deeds and mortgage records to prove insurance provider responsibility
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Environmental Review Services

Through thorough analysis of environmental reporting, we prove the onset and source of pollution happened long before you arrived.
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Remediating Polluted Property

Environmental cleanup costs can be detrimental to your business but we can help you to secure the funding needed to complete these projects
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Real Estate Advisory

Real estate advisory is an integral part of our service offering, provided no additional cost with significant added value.
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Insurance Policy Reconstruction

We ensure that clients have evidence of coverage to present to insurance carrier to substantiate insurance claims.
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Find Your Lost
Insurance Policies

For over the past 20+ years, Restorical has meticulously audited the insurance industry, including each individual insurance carrier, leveraging this real-world experience and our proprietary database to the advantage of our policyholder clients.