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We’ll help you to receive the reimbursement you deserve for environmental remediation cleanup costs.

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Cost Recovery

Our cost recovery services are designed for clients seeking reimbursement for environmental remediation costs. Through a meticulous research process, we uncover historical insurance policies and evidence of coverage at the time of pollution, providing the essential materials you need to begin the insurance recovery process and maximize your cost coverage.

Cost Recovery is heavily dependent upon the site history and impacts.

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What Cost Recovery

Since the early 2000s, Restorical Research has helped clients successfully recover past cleanup costs from insurance companies through the following process:
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We begin by evaluating your situation to ensure cost recovery is a viable option based on your location or the incorrect denial of past claims


Our forensic accounting team works with you to complete a full recreation of past cleanup costs.


We then organize recoverable costs into defense and indemnity ‘buckets’ while removing non-recoverable items from your claim.


Next, we package your costs for presentation according to the carrier(s) requirements.


Once your coverage attorney has submitted the claim, Restorical will support the entire process to ensure insurance company requests are met in a timely manner so you can recover your costs as quickly as possible.

Cost Recovery

Cost Recovery Case Studies

Case Study

Historical City Landfill

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Case Study

Concrete and Asphalt Batch Plant

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Case Study

Oil Distributor

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Cost Recovery

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At Restorical Research, each policyholder we serve faces unique circumstances based on their property’s history. With this in mind, we do not offer our services a la carte. Instead, we follow a proven process to create a personalized coverage strategy for each client, which may include any combination of the following services:

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Years in Business

Allows us to be the leading insurance archaeology and claims management firm in the country


Million Recovered

We uncover hidden assets for our clients, and we excel at obtaining coverage for their environmental liabilities


Policyholder Clients Served

We only work for policyholders and property owners and do not offer our services to insurance companies


Historical Policy Database

Restorical has been collecting, analyzing, and cataloging historical insurance policies spanning the 1950s-1990s.

Our proprietary database with carrier-specific detail is leveraged for our clients on a daily basis

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For over the past 20+ years, Restorical has meticulously audited the insurance industry, including each individual insurance carrier, leveraging this real-world experience and our proprietary database to the advantage of our policyholder clients.