Case Study

Oil Distributor

When it came time to upgrade the Bulk Plant a large plume of contamination was discovered in the groundwater.



When Restorical met the property owner of this bulk oil facility it was clear they were very nervous. During infrastructure upgrades, they had discovered a historical release of petroleum that showed a significant plume of pollution.

The contamination was from many decades earlier and was left in place, by a prior operator, after the last infrastructure upgrade in the early 1990s.

There was no way for the client to pay for the investigation, let alone a remediation.

Process & Research


Restorical introduced the client to our proven process and within a handful of months of the intake call with Restorical, the client’s legal counsel, was tendering good-faith claims to viable insurance carriers.

After much effort, the site is close to the point where it will receive a No Further Action letter from the state. The property owner could have easily lost this property to the bank or walked away from the complex and expense cleanup.

Our Results


Restorical was able to identify and collateralize the insurance policies of the prior owners in the 1960s and 1970s.

This was done without litigation and without negatively impacting the Client or prior owners financial position.

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