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At Restorical Research, we’ve worked waterfront and maritime sites with histories that span back to the 1800s


Waterfronts & Maritime Land and the Need for Insurance Archaeology Services

Waterfront properties, encompassing everything from waterfront homes to deep-water ports, have a rich history tied to commerce, manufacturing, industry, transportation, and military uses. 

A frequent feature of such properties is the presence of creosote piles and heavy timber bulkheads, which can leach harmful chemicals into water and sediments over time. The legacy of these contaminants requires careful navigation and remediation. 

Leveraging 1970s and 1980s insurance policies as financial resources, guided by insurance archaeologists, is crucial for addressing environmental challenges in intricate, costly property cleanups.

The key to addressing these environmental challenges lies in leveraging insurance policies from the 1970s and 1980s as a financial resource for cleaning up these intricate and costly properties. This is where the expertise of Restorical Research becomes invaluable.


How We Can Help

At Restorical Research, we’ve worked on waterfront and maritime sites with histories that span back to the 1800s. Our team is equipped to help in several key ways:

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We locate insurance policies from the 1970s and 1980s that can be used as funding sources for environmental clean-up and restoration efforts.


We complete a thorough investigation of your property’s history to understand the full scope of industrial or commercial activities and their environmental impact.


We identify the nature and extent of contamination, historical practices and their impact on the land and water surrounding your site.


We’re here to help you and your team capitalize on historical insurance policies to fund the complex regulatory landscape to ensure compliance with all environmental laws and regulations.


We provide continuous support and expert advice throughout the process of obtaining insurance coverage through the environmental clean-up and property restoration or redevelopment.

Waterfront & Maritime

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