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We’ve designed our services to support owners of industrial and manufacturing properties in mitigating the financial burdens of environmental remediation.


Industrial & Manufacturing and the Need for Insurance Archaeology Services

The Industrial Revolution marked the beginning of a significant transformation in manufacturing processes that led to massive increases in productivity. Sadly, it also to a legacy of pollution and environmental degradation. As industries expanded, the use of heavy machinery, chemicals, and novel manufacturing techniques often resulted in unintended environmental impacts, including soil, water, and air pollution. As a result, many industrial and manufacturing properties have been left with legacy pollutants that pose risks to human health and the environment, including chemical pollution, heavy metal contamination, petroleum hydrocarbons, particulate matter and sediments.

The Industrial Revolution’s boost in productivity came at the cost of significant environmental degradation, highlighting the urgent need for remediation and the complex task of uncovering old insurance policies to fund it.

Historically, many industrial and manufacturing sites operated under less stringent environmental regulations, which meant that pollution was often not managed with today’s understanding of environmental protection. Over time, awareness of these environmental issues grew, leading to stricter regulations and the need for companies to address past contamination. Today, addressing these contaminants is a regulatory requirement and environmental liability for current property owners, often involving significant remediation expenses.


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Our services are specifically designed to support owners of industrial and manufacturing properties in mitigating the financial burdens of environmental remediation. We offer

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Specialized searches for pollution coverage to identify historical policies that offer coverage for specific types of pollution, including chemical, heavy metal, and petroleum hydrocarbons.


Expert analysis of complex policies to interpret the nuanced policy coverage related to industrial pollutants, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of your potential claims.


Strategic guidance through the claims process, providing expert advice to navigate the complexities of filing claims for environmental liabilities to maximize potential recoveries.


Support for upgrading equipment or redevelopment goals, including insurance benefits transfer and upholding your sales price.

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