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Through an exhaustive analysis of environmental reporting, we prove the onset and source of pollution that occurred during the policy period.

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Environmental Services

The Environmental Review process is pivotal in understanding a site’s environmental condition, directly impacting insurance coverage. Accurately determining the timing and origin of pollution is essential, as it falls upon the policyholder to demonstrate that the pollution occurred within the policy period. These reviews are vital not only for establishing liability but also for substantiating third-party impacts. 

By analyzing the environmental condition, Restorical Research can effectively trace the onset and source of pollution, aiding in the recovery of costs incurred by their clients.

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The Process

What Environmental Review Services Involve

Our Environmental Review service is an integral part of our Task 1 research and meticulously analyzes all relevant environmental data to aid clients in their insurance recovery process and understanding their environmental impairment liability. Key aspects include
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Thorough examination of past and present environmental documents to pinpoint when the liability event occurred.


Comprehensive cataloging and assessment of all environmental reports and correspondence related to the site.


Identifying key indicators in the documentation that directly influence potential coverage under historical insurance policies.


With a complete understanding of the environmental profile, we are able to develop specific coverage strategies based on the .


The Environmental Review findings become one of our “Big Three Data Sets” which are used to inform the Trigger Analysis and, ultimately, insurance Coverage Strategy recommendations for our clients.

Environmental Review

Case Studies

Environmental Review

Frequently Asked Questions

Our environmental review services uncover evidence that links environmental damage to periods covered by historical insurance policies. Through expert analysis and detailed reporting, our environmental reviews strengthen our clients’ claims, demonstrating that insurance policies in effect at the time of pollution have an obligation to cover the environmental liability and incurred costs.

We examine a wide range of documents, including historical environmental reports, site assessments, correspondence regarding the site, regulatory filings, and any other records that can provide insight into the site’s environmental history, infrastructure timeline, and the nature of any contamination.

Yes. While we often use environmental reviews to address past incidents, they can also be valuable for ongoing environmental issues. They can provide a comprehensive understanding of the site’s environmental history, helping to inform current and future management, remediation efforts, and insurance claims. This is most notable on sites where contamination is very old but may still be occurring, like at a dry cleaner, auto dealership, or gas station. Maybe there was a cleanup years ago, but the pollution remained in the groundwater or soil and continues to pollute surrounding areas.

Environmental Review services assess current environmental practices and identify opportunities to implement effective pollution abatement measures. This guidance helps organizations enhance compliance with environmental regulations and improve their sustainability efforts.


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