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At Restorical Research, each policyholder and property owner client we serve faces unique circumstances based on their property’s history. With this in mind, we do not offer our services a la carte. Instead, we follow a proven process to create a personalized Coverage Strategy for each client, which may include any combination of the following services:

PFAS Cleanup

We help clients recover the cost of forever chemical cleanup by uncovering historical insurance policies
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Vapor Intrusion Remediation & Mitigation

We are adept at navigating the intricacies of vapor intrusion and securing insurance coverage for our clients based on historical policies
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Trigger Analysis

Save time and money with our proprietary Trigger Analysis process for developing a comprehensive coverage strategy.
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Site History

We understand the importance of proving property ownership through public deeds and mortgage records to prove insurance provider responsibility
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Environmental Review Services

Through thorough analysis of environmental reporting, we prove the onset and source of pollution happened long before you arrived.
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Remediating Polluted Property

Environmental cleanup costs can be detrimental to your business but we can help you to secure the funding needed to complete these projects
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Real Estate Advisory

Real estate advisory is an integral part of our service offering, provided no additional cost with significant added value.
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Insurance Policy Reconstruction

We ensure that clients have evidence of coverage to present to insurance carrier to substantiate insurance claims.
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Insurance Coverage Schedule

We craft customized insurance coverage schedules, providing the resources you and your legal team need to cover your costs.
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Insurance Allocation Analysis

We strategically identify multiple insurance carriers so you receive comprehensive cleanup coverage
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Forensic Accounting

We help you to avoid litigation and jump straight to resolution by investigating, recreating, and cataloging cleanup costs.
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Finding Lost Insurance Policies

The best insurance archeologists are those driven to find answers and solve puzzles required to uncover lost insurance policies.
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Diminution of Value in a Condemnation Action

We help you to preserve your property’s true market value in the face of a condemnation act.
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Diminution of Value in a Purchase and Sales Agreement

We help property buyers and sellers avoid out-of-pocket expenses and property sales reductions due to pollution.
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Coverage Strategy Development

We uncover decades-old insurance policies and transform them into tangible assets that cover your cleanup costs.
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Claims Management

Over more than two decades, we’ve managed thousands of claims to ensure our clients receive the best settlement possible.
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Cost Recovery

We’ll help you to receive the reimbursement you deserve for environmental remediation cleanup costs.
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Insurance Policies

Find Over the past 20+ years, Restorical has meticulously audited the insurance industry, including each individual insurance carrier, leveraging this real-world experience and our proprietary database to the advantage of our policyholder clients.