We understand the environmental liabilities landfills represent and that securing insurance funding is a critical step to make them safe and economically viable for new development.


Landfills and the Need for Insurance Archaeology Services

The expansion of cities has led to former landfills, once located on the fringes of cities, being enveloped into the fabric of urban areas. This integration has led to historical landfills being transformed into public parks or left as fenced-off, unused spaces. 

However, environmental hazards remain and remediating a landfill brings huge financial challenges.

“Navigating the insurance landscape for these sites presents its own set of challenges.”

Many old landfills were not properly capped or contained, raising concerns about contaminant leakage into the surrounding soil and groundwater. Closing a landfill correctly is a costly endeavor, demanding significant time and resources. To add further complication, landfills hold significant potential for redevelopment into commercial and residential spaces, since many are well situated in our cities. Yet, redevelopment of a landfill introduces additional complexity to the economic viability of remediation.

Moreover, navigating the insurance landscape for these sites presents its own set of challenges. While landfills are typically covered by general liability policies, pinpointing and leveraging these policies is a complex task, given that these policies are often decades old. The policies come with their own intricacies, terms, and potential gaps in coverage, which must be addressed to ensure that the environmental and financial liabilities are effectively managed and mitigated.


How We Can Help

As insurance archaeologists, we provide vital services in uncovering and utilizing historical insurance policies to assist in managing the environmental liability and mitigating the huge financial burden associated with landfill closure, monitoring, and redevelopment. Our expertise ensures that these sites can get the funding needed to be safely and effectively transformed to equally benefit the environment and the community.

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At Restorical Research, we have significant experience in helping municipal and private clients fund crucial environmental safeguards for minimizing the impact of landfills, such as capping and ongoing monitoring, through the recovery of funds from old insurance policies.


We help our clients ensure they are able to capitalize on insurance funding and reinvest these properties into drivers of economic and community development.


Characterizing landfills and working with the regulators to approve a cleanup action plan takes a tremendous amount of effort and expense. Getting insurance to fund these efforts is a primary focus at Restorical Research.


When closure of a landfill brings about the opportunity of redevelopment, there are many ways to leverage insurance coverage to maximize the value to a future owner or even transfer these benefits to increase the purchase price.


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