Restorical is an established team of insurance archaeologist professionals who share a passion for the discovery of old insurance policies. The rewards of their endeavors is knowing that the long hours they spend interviewing, digging through files, and piecing years-old puzzles together will produce a financial asset for our clients.

“After exhaustive searching without any luck, we hired Restorical Research to look for lost insurance policies that were issued in the 1970s. They not only located proof of polices, but assisted in filing a claim, and recovering past and ongoing environmental clean-up costs for us.”

Kevin Callan, Director, Secretary and Treasurer of Blaser Die Casting Co. and Secretary and Treasurer of Scougal Rubber Corporation

“Working with Restorical was an all-around great experience. Their team understood exactly what needed to be done and executed accordingly. They truly went above and beyond to recover our lost insurance policies. I would recommend Restorical to anyone who needs assistance in locating proof of policies. They will work hard and treat you fairly, which is what every business owner deserves.” 

Don Loeb, President of ADCO Properties, Inc.

Case Histories

We have found some incredible things for our clients. Read some of our latest case histories below.

Die Casting Company

Die Casting Company

Die Casting Company, founded in the 1950s, specializes in zinc die-casting services and automotive and industrial applications. The company has been searching for their historic…

Beverage Distributor

Beverage Distributor

Beverage distributor, founded in the 1930s, distributed alcohol until the company sold their business. The beverage distributor maintained the land holding and currently maintains a…

West Coast School District

West Coast School District

The client utilized insurance archaeology to identify coverage for a West Coast School District-owned property, in which taxpayers were going to have to fund the…

What Others Say About Restorical . . .

Working with Restorical last year turned out to be an extremely rewarding and satisfying experience. Even though we were advised by our attorneys that our insurance coverage would not qualify for our contamination liability, Restorical was able to find the policy evidence to support a claim that led to a substantial settlement with the insurance company.”

Stanley L. Sidell, President NA Properties Inc.

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