It’s like finding a needle in a haystack. But a lot more rewarding.

Every property has a history–and sometimes it’s an ugly one. If you’ve discovered your property is contaminated, you might be stuck with a costly cleanup and a shortage of funds to pay for it. That’s where we come in. Restorical Research is an insurance archaeology firm. That means we help people dealing with environmental pollution find ways to pay for cleanup using historical insurance policies. And although we don’t dress like Indiana Jones, we do a lot of persistent digging to uncover these treasures.  Learn more.

After uncovering historical insurance policies, we go the next step to help you get funding for your cleanup: We develop a strategy for you, work with your attorney and consultants, handle the claims management, and see your project through until the end…whether that end is a site cleanup, No Further Action letter, negotiated settlement, purchase and sale or site redevelopment.

Case Histories

Over the past 20 years, we have helped hundreds of clients by discovering historical insurance policies that helped pay for cleanup. Their stories range from the bygone gas stations and dry cleaners to large superfund sites. Learn more about the challenges they faced and how we helped them overcome with these case histories.

School District Learns Hard Lesson—Until Restorical Jumped In

School District Learns Hard Lesson—Until Restorical Jumped In

Our client was a school district that owned a large property at the edge of town. However, as the expanding city grew, the property was…

Dealing With Decades Of Legacy Pollution

Dealing with Decades of Legacy Pollution

Our beverage distributor client was a business founded in the 1930s. They distributed alcohol until the client sold the business in 2010. By then, the…

After 6 Years Of Looking In Vain, They Turned To Restorical

After 6 Years of Looking in Vain, They Turned to Restorical

Our die casting company client, founded in the 1950s, specialized in zinc die-casting services and automotive, industrial and aerospace applications. They were notified that pollution…

What Others Say About Restorical . . .

“Restorical Research helped us recover a significant amount of money under old insurance policies for environmental investigation and remediation.  Their historical research went beyond our expectations.  Moreover their discovery and understanding of the language in applicable historical policies was quiet impressive.  Without hesitation I would recommend Restorical to property owners seeking insurance coverage for environmental cleanups.”

Karin Nyrop, former Director of Claims

“After exhaustive searching without any luck, we hired Restorical Research to look for lost insurance policies that were issued in the 1970s. They not only located proof of polices, but assisted in filing a claim, and recovering past and ongoing environmental clean-up costs for us.”

Kevin Callan, Secretary and Treasurer 
Scougal Rubber Corporation

“Working with Restorical was an all-around great experience. Their team understood exactly what needed to be done and executed accordingly. They truly went above and beyond to recover our lost insurance policies. I would recommend Restorical to anyone who needs assistance in locating proof of policies. They will work hard and treat you fairly, which is what every business owner deserves.”

Don Loeb, President
ADCO Properties, Inc.

 “Working with Restorical last year turned out to be an extremely rewarding and satisfying experience. Even though we were advised by our attorneys that our insurance coverage would not qualify for our contamination liability, Restorical was able to find the policy evidence to support a claim that led to a substantial settlement with the insurance company.”

Stanley L. Sidell, President
NA Properties Inc.

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