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Finding Lost Insurance Policies

The best insurance archaeologists are those driven to find answers and solve the puzzles required to uncover lost insurance policies. 

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Finding Lost Insurance Policies

At Restorical Research, we’ve mastered the art of piecing together fragmented clues to uncover lost insurance policies. We don’t query a simple online database, our approach involves deep analysis and synthesis of physical and abstract information to transform seemingly unrelated tranches into a coherent historical insurance narrative. We leverage our experience to make sure that good faith is upheld throughout all research and communications with relevant insurance companies.

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The Process

What Finding Lost Insurance Policies Involves

We take a human-centric approach to finding lost insurance policies, beginning with the power of inquiry and memory:
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We start with a comprehensive intake call, asking questions that stimulate recollection and discussion pointing us in the best direction.


Often, the questions we ask our clients during the intake call percolate in their subconscious, bringing forth valuable, previously unrecalled information later on.


We then continue with follow-up discussions that typically yield new insights, sometimes indirectly related to the initial questions, but crucial in establishing a timeline.


Then we leverage abstract and physical data by combining remembered histories with tangible fragments like parts of old policies, checkbooks, or document references to build a solid foundation.


Utilizing our extensive database of historical policies and forms, we complete an iterative research process to compile primary, secondary, and tertiary evidence for a compelling claim.


Sometimes, the search ends right in the client’s office, with the policy tucked away in a filing cabinet!

Finding Lost Insurance

Finding Lost Insurance Policies Case Studies

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Port Authority

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Case Study

Housing Authority

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Finding Lost Insurance Policies

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, many time we are brought onto a project after records have been destroyed or purged.

No, unfortunately, there is no such database. Policies are not recorded to title and they are not transferred by property ownership. Each year policies are destroyed by unsuspecting family members, business owners, law firms, etc.

This is typical and not a problem. Our process is designed to uncover crucial details along the way even with minimal initial information.

Our Proven Process to find a lost policy is 4 months. Restorical has a guarantee to complete our Task 1 research within 120 days of the client intake call or we wont charge our research fee.

Once we locate a policy, we assist in evaluating its relevance and potential for a claim, and provide guidance on the next steps for recovery.


Years in Business

Allows us to be the leading insurance archaeology and claims management firm in the country


Million Recovered

We uncover hidden assets for our clients, and we excel at obtaining coverage for their environmental liabilities


Policyholder Clients Served

We only work for policyholders and property owners and do not offer our services to insurance companies


Historical Policy Database

Restorical has been collecting, analyzing, and cataloging historical insurance policies spanning the 1950s-1990s.

Our proprietary database with carrier-specific detail is leveraged for our clients on a daily basis

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For over the past 20+ years, Restorical has meticulously audited the insurance industry, including each individual insurance carrier, leveraging this real-world experience and our proprietary database to the advantage of our policyholder clients.