We facilitate sustainable and economically viable redevelopment projects facing the challenges of environmental cleanup


Redevelopment and the Need for Insurance Archaeology Services

The landscape of urban redevelopment is constantly evolving, and with this evolution comes the challenge of environmental cleanup. The push of redevelopment is always moving forward as cities grow and change. However, most of the ‘clean’ sites within our cities have already undergone redevelopment. What remains are sites characterized by challenging topography, irregular shapes, small or large sizes, the presence of wetlands, unsuitable soils, and most notably pollution.

Contamination inherently make redevelopment more costly. Such costs can lead to a decrease in property values as the market recognizes the additional expenses required for redevelopment. This is where the services of Restorical Research, become invaluable.

In urban redevelopment, the challenges of costly pollution cleanup can lower property values. Restorical Research mitigates these challenges by capitalizing on old insurance policies to fund cleanups, aiding both property sellers and buyers.

We specialize in leveraging old insurance policies as financial assets to fund pollution cleanup. This creative strategy provides a unique solution where the seller of a polluted property does not have to devalue their asset due to the high cost of environmental cleanup. Simultaneously, it spares the buyer from engaging in potentially lengthy and complex litigation with historical polluters, such as oil companies, or large corporations.


How We Can Help

We offer specialized services to aid current owners facing environmental pollution and new owners in the redevelopment process. Here’s how we can assist:

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We specialize in uncovering and leveraging old insurance policies to serve as a financial means for pollution cleanup, thereby protecting the property’s value.


Our approach provides a cost-effective solution for environmental cleanup, ensuring that undue expenses do not burden the redevelopment process.


By using insurance to fund cleanup, we help avoid litigation with historical polluters or past owners, streamlining the redevelopment process.


Our strategies ensure that the property’s value is not compromised due to the high costs associated with environmental cleanup.


We provide expert guidance and support throughout the entire process, from policy discovery to cleanup funding.


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