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Our role as insurance archeologists is crucial in ensuring the financial protection and operational continuity of bulk plant facilities


Bulk Plant Facilities and the Need for Insurance Archaeology Services

Bulk plant facilities have historically been located on the outskirts of town or in industrial areas and play a key role in fuel storage, supply chain, and distribution. 

However, their operation over the years has led to specific historical contamination issues.

“Bulk plant facilities, pivotal in fuel storage and distribution, now grapple with the environmental and financial repercussions of historical fuel spills and the resulting soil and groundwater contamination.”

The large, often above-ground, fuel storage tanks at bulk plant facilities have the capacity to store between 25,000 to 500,000 gallons of fuel. The process of filling these tanks from tanker trucks or rail cars and then distributing them to smaller trucks has always posed a risk of fuel spills, leading to soil and groundwater contamination that may have gone unaddressed.

Today, bulk plant facility owners are facing the need to manage and mitigate potential liabilities and costs associated with the environmental contamination caused by these historical fuel spills. 


How We Can Help

When working with bulk plant facilities, our role as insurance archeologists is crucial in ensuring the financial protection and operational continuity of our client’s businesses.

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Restorical Research provides expert analysis to identify and interpret the complex terms and conditions of historical insurance policies that could potentially cover environmental clean-up costs.


We guide our clients through the complicated maze of insurance coverage to ensure funding is there when cleanup is needed. Limiting the operational downtime for our clients Bulk Plant Facilities.  


When our clients are looking to repurpose their Bulk Plant Facility, we provide real world solution to receive insurance coverage to address the environmental liability during redevelopment.


And, when a sale of the facility is the goal, we can help make these policy benefits available to a purchaser for redevelopment. Eliminating any reduction in the sales price associated with any future environmental cleanup.

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