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Our team specializes in uncovering historical General Liability insurance policies to address contamination from historical farming and agriculture practices


Farming & Agriculture and the Need for Insurance Archaeology Services

The agricultural sector has been the backbone of numerous economies, playing a vital role in feeding nations for centuries. However, it has not done so without its environmental impacts. For decades, farms and agricultural businesses have utilized various productivity-boosting practices that have inadvertently led to environmental contamination.

One significant example has been the soil contamination caused by the extensive use of pesticides. These chemicals accumulate over time and leave soils and adjacent waterways laden with heavy metals and other harmful chemicals. Additionally, many farms and agricultural businesses operate fueling stations and maintain a fleet of vehicles and equipment. The long-term operation of these facilities may contribute to environmental degradation and contamination that can affect both the land and surrounding communities.

Agricultural sectors, crucial yet environmentally impactful, may find cleanup funding relief in existing General Liability insurance policies.

However, there’s a silver lining for current owners of agricultural properties. Similar to auto body shops and dry cleaners, these operations have historically purchased General Liability insurance policies that are still available today to tender claims against. When utilized properly, they can provide the crucial financial resources required for funding the cleanup of pollution and contamination.


How We Can Help

Our team of professional insurance archaeologists specializes in uncovering and utilizing historical General Liability insurance policies to address farming and agriculture contamination. Here’s how we can help:

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We investigate into your property’s history to uncover any General Liability insurance policies that you may not be aware of.


Our team evaluates the extent of contamination caused by practices such as pesticide use and runoff, as well as the operation of fueling stations and fleet vehicles.


We analyze the uncovered policies to determine the coverage and applicability to current environmental issues.


Utilizing these historical insurance contracts, we facilitate the funding for cleaning up pollution and contamination on your property.


From start to finish, Restorical Research provides guidance and expertise, ensuring that the process is seamless and beneficial for your agricultural business.

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