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Diminution of Value in a Condemnation Act

We help you to preserve your property’s true market value in the face of a condemnation act. 

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Diminution of Value in a Condemnation Act

If a governmental agency has exercised its power of eminent domain through a condemnation action and pollution is threatening to lower your property’s appraised value, our Diminution of Value in a Condemnation Act services may be right for you. We uncover and leverage historical insurance policies to cover remediation expenses or to serve as valuable assets in negotiations, ensuring that you receive compensation that reflects the true market value of your property. 

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The Process

What Diminution of Value in a Condemnation Act Involves

Before accepting a reduced offer on condemned property, contact Restorical Research to learn about our strategic approach:
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We diligently search for historical insurance policies that may cover cleanup costs, aiming to maintain your property’s value.


Our team works to utilize these policies not just for cleanup but also as negotiable assets with the condemning authority.


We strive to prevent unnecessary loss in property value due to inflated cleanup cost estimates.


With our expertise, you gain leverage in condemnation negotiations, ensuring just compensation.

Diminution of Value in a Condemnation Action

Case Studies

Diminution of Value in a Condemnation Action

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s not too late. Contact us immediately, and we can assess the potential for insurance recovery to address the reduced value of the offer.

It is possible to transfer the benefits of these old policies to the governmental agency as an asset in negotiations to ensure you receive full market value for your property.

Not necessarily. With the correct approach and Restorical Research’s expertise, the full value can often be preserved despite environmental issues.

We guarantee to complete our research within 120 days of our intake call and provide you with a yes or no to viable insurance.

No. Our extensive experience and resources allow us to work efficiently to support your case in condemnation actions.

1. Hire an attorney who is experienced in defending against condemnation actions and is not conflicted with the governmental authority.

2. Hire your own environmental consultant to review and advise on the government’s reports and assumptions.

3. Hire Restorical to identify historical insurance to prevent any diminution in value from contamination.


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