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We’ll help you receive the insurance funding you deserve for environmental remediation cleanup costs.

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Are you facing unexpected environmental cleanup costs? 
Restorical Research is here to offer you a lifeline. Imagine uncovering financial assets that transform your environmental liability into an opportunity.

Unlike other insurance archeologists, Restorical Research champions the policyholders, not the insurance carriers. With Restorical Research, you gain a partner that not only digs deep into the past to find “hidden asset” historical insurance policies but also stands with you and your legal team throughout the claim process.

Since our founding in 2001, our dedicated team of insurance archaeologists has successfully helped over 2,000 public and private policyholders and property owners by unearthing “hidden assets” – long-forgotten insurance policies that can be used to cover the cost of environmental cleanups. Working for business owners, property owners, developers, municipal governments, universities, ports and state agencies, we have successfully located billions of dollars of historical insurance coverage, ensuring our clients’ properties transition from dormant to developed without the burden of unnecessary costs.

Our Clients

“Our approach ensures the private sector remains in control of the problems created…not the taxpayers.”

Jeff Berebitsky

Our proven process begins with an intake call and onboarding procedure where you will be introduced to our team, and we will conduct an initial trigger analysis. We’ll then begin our research and deliverables phase, compiling site history and forming a coverage strategy. Once we’ve completed the research phase, we’ll determine if we’re a good fit for your case before drafting a Coverage Opinion Letter and beginning to manage your claim over a two to nine-month period. The journey concludes when your recovery goals are met, and your satisfaction is affirmed through a final review and exit interview.

Take the first step towards liberating your property from environmental liabilities. Reach out to us—call our office or fill out our form. We will promptly initiate a no-obligation discussion about how we can serve your specific needs.

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Jeff Berebitsky

Jeff is an expert in insurance archaeology with over 20 years of experience. He specializes in identifying and leveraging insurance coverages for environmental cleanups, advocating for taxpayer relief and corporate accountability.
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Ben Pariser

With a background in real estate and experience redeveloping polluted sites, Ben recognizes the market need for finding these “hidden assets” and has become a vocal advocate for property owners facing environmental liability. He is on a mission to revitalizing our communities with insurance funding.
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Insurance Archaeologist

Alex Berry

Alex is a member of our insurance archeology team. He is responsible for guiding the research to uncover our client’s historic insurance policies.
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Cost Recovery Lead

Jensen Kirch

Jensen specializes in effective communication and works closely with clients as well as coordinating claims management and cost recovery. He leverages his lifelong experience in team sports to bring cohesion with everyone he works with.
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David Redmond “DR”

DR specializes in recognizing the individual abilities of Restorical Research and empowering the team to bring first-in-class service to our clients, colleagues and partners, daily.
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For over the past 20+ years, Restorical has meticulously audited the insurance industry, including each individual insurance carrier, leveraging this real-world experience and our proprietary database to the advantage of our policyholder clients.