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Remediating Polluted Property

Environmental cleanup costs can be detrimental to your goal, but we can help you secure the funding needed to complete these projects

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Remediating Polluted Property

Pollution remediation is a complex and costly process. It begins with a thorough site characterization to measure the extent of contamination in soil, groundwater, and sediments. Following this, various remediation plans are explored based on your site’s specific needs, which can include techniques such as Dig and Haul, Bio-remediation, and In-Situ treatments. 

While we don’t provide remediation services, we understand them deeply and specialize in helping you navigate the environmental impairment liability. Leveraging our expertise as insurance archeologists, we assist in identifying and utilizing existing insurance policies that may cover environmental cleanup costs to ensure your financial burden is minimized.

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The Process

What Remediating Polluted Property Involves

As insurance archeologists, we play a pivotal role in reducing the financial strain of remediating polluted property by:
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Insurance Policy Discovery: We locate historical insurance policies that potentially cover environmental cleanup expenses.


Coverage Analysis: We assess the details of discovered policies to determine applicable coverage for your remediation costs.


Strategy and Recommendations: We offer our expertise to help shape the pursuit of coverage without litigation. We work closely with your legal counsel and leverage our proprietary database of past claims to guide the process.


Claim Management: Once coverage has been obtained, we work with our clients consultant and vendors as well as legal counsel to make sure work is moving forward and invoices are being paid, like clockwork.


Forensic Accounting: Our in-house accounting team takes care of all the tracking of invoices and payments while keeping the carriers accountable. Our team is your team, helping your bookkeeper, CFO or 3rd party accountants updated in real time.

Remediating Polluted Property

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Remediating Polluted Property

Frequently Asked Questions

Pollution incidents can have effects that are only discovered or become problematic years after the initial event. We are skilled in tracing back through historical records to locate insurance policies that were in effect when the pollution occurred. These policies, even if decades old, may still be viable for claiming coverage for current remediation efforts.

Yes. We not only locate old insurance policies but also have expertise in interpreting the complex language and coverage clauses within these policies to provide clarity on the extent of coverage and assist in resolving disputes with insurance companies. 

We conduct a detailed analysis of the timeline and nature of the pollution incident and then cross-reference this information with the historical insurance policies held by the property owner or responsible party. By examining the coverage periods, policy terms, and specific exclusions or conditions of each policy, we determine their relevance to the pollution event. This meticulous process ensures that all potential sources of insurance recovery are thoroughly explored and assessed for applicability to the remediation costs.


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We only work for policyholders and property owners and do not offer our services to insurance companies


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Restorical has been collecting, analyzing, and cataloging historical insurance policies spanning the 1950s-1990s.

Our proprietary database with carrier-specific detail is leveraged for our clients on a daily basis

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