Our services help transform underutilized or abandoned brownfield properties into productive community assets.


Brownfields and the Need for Insurance Archaeology Services

Brownfields are properties previously used for industrial, commercial, or even residential purposes, which now suffer from real or perceived contamination. These sites represent a complex challenge for redevelopment due to the variety of pollutants that can be present and the lack of funding available for cleanup.

“Insurance archaeologists are vital in navigating the intricate financial landscape of brownfield redevelopment. They unearth forgotten or overlooked insurance policies that can provide crucial funding for the remediation of contaminated sites, thus converting liabilities into opportunities for community rejuvenation.”

Heavy metal remnants of industrial activities such as manufacturing or smelting, including lead, mercury, arsenic, and cadmium, lurk in the soil, posing long-term health risks and environmental hazards. Petroleum hydrocarbons from former gas stations, oil storage, and similar facilities contaminate soil and groundwater. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emitted from various chemical processes linger in the environment, threatening air quality and public health. Sites that were used for agricultural purposes may be saturated with pesticides, affecting local ecosystems and human health. While, large swaths of residential neighborhoods could be impacted by historical fuel release at a nearby industrial site.

Brownfield redevelopment is a pathway to transforming underutilized or abandoned properties into productive community assets. The complexity and variety of these pollutants necessitate a nuanced approach to redevelopment that acknowledges the financial hurdles inherent in transforming these sites. This is where the specialized field of insurance archaeology comes into play. 


How We Can Help

Restorical Research offers tailored insurance archaeology services to support the redevelopment of brownfield sites. Our expertise can help unlock the potential of these properties by:

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Conducting a thorough investigation to identify lost or overlooked historical insurance assets that can cover cleanup costs and environmental liabilities associated with brownfield sites.


Analyzing and interpreting the coverage of old insurance policies for environmental liabilities, including those that may not explicitly mention environmental issues but can still provide crucial financial support for remediation efforts.


We guide clients and their legal counsel through the often complex process of filing claims against discovered policies, helping to secure funding for environmental cleanup and liability coverage.


Supporting redevelopment planning by identifying potential insurance recoveries early in the redevelopment process so clients can plan their projects with a clearer understanding of the financial landscape as well as risk management strategies.


Advocating for clients and supporting redevelopment goals by securing insurance coverage and funding for brownfields pollution cleanup, so that redevelopment can be realized and maximized.


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