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We leverage historical General Liability Policies to fund the environmental remediation and contamination cleanup of auto body shops for our clients


Auto Body Shops and the Need for Insurance Archaeology Services

Historically, auto body shops have been associated with complex environmental impacts affecting soil and groundwater. A significant aspect of the services provided in these shops includes the use of chemical solvents. These solvents resemble those utilized in dry cleaning operations, notorious for their environmental implications. The structural features of many auto body shops, including oil pits, hydraulic hoists, painting booths, and cleaning facilities, further contribute to the potential for hazardous chemical transfers into the soil and groundwater. 

“Navigating the insurance landscape for these sites presents its own set of challenges.”

Prior to the 1980s, governmental regulations regarding chemical usage and processes in were minimal. Auto body shops operated within the accepted standard of care at the time. This lack of regulation meant that soil and groundwater pollution was an unfortunate but common byproduct of normal business operations. Fortunately, Auto Body Shop owners and operators routinely purchased General Liability Policies. 

These policies were originally purchased to safeguard the business from customer injuries on their premises and were not intended to provide coverage for pollution. Due to the lack of effective pollution exclusions, these historical insurance policies now represent a vital resource that can be tapped to fund the remediation of historical contamination.


How We Can Help

We understand the complexities surrounding historical environmental impacts of auto body shops and offer comprehensive solutions that enable property owners to fund the cleanup of pollution issues with old insurance policies. Here’s how we can assist:

Find Your Policy


We meticulously search for and analyze historical General Liability Policies that predate the introduction of effective pollution exclusions to be used to fund contamination cleanup.


Our team conducts thorough environmental impact assessments of your auto body shop’s site to determine the extent of soil and groundwater contamination.


We provide guidance on pursing and obtaining insurance coverage, ensuring the remediation of pollution from past auto body practices are addressed and funded.


Our expertise extends to collaborating with your legal counsel to obtain the insurance coverage and funding.


Our engagement includes claims management and accounting services so that once coverage is in place, the funding of the auto body remediation can be done successfully and without interruption.

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