Case Study

Towing Company

After their historical insurance policies were mishandled, they were paying out of pocket. Then they met Restorical Research.



The towing company began investigating their environmental issues on their property in the early 1990’s and by the 2010s they had spent over $250,000 with a cleanup still remaining to be performed.

In the mid-1990’s, The Towing Company provided all of their insurance policies to a law firm to review, but never received these insurance policies back.

The Towing Company was aware of insurance recovery, but nothing ever happened due to the loss of their insurance policies.

Process & Research


Restorical was referred to The Towing Company to re-create the company’s historical insurance coverage. Within a two-month period of time, Restorical located The Towing Company’s insurance coverage.

With supporting documentation and a complete claims file, Restorical worked with the clients legal counsel to obtain insurance coverage.

The influx of funding allowed the Towing Company to complete the costly cleanup.

Our Results


The Towing Company was able to continue their operations on a fully remediated property.

Restorical was able to assist the client and their legal counsel to recover all of their past costs.

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