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We provide crucial expertise for car dealerships facing unforeseen environmental liabilities and ensure the viability of property transactions or the redevelopment of projects.


Car Dealerships and the Need for Insurance Archaeology Services

Much like gas stations, car dealerships are an integral part of the history of the automobile industry throughout the United States. With more than half of the 17,000+ dealerships being over 40 years old, these sites also face unique environmental cleanup challenges.

Many dealerships have Underground Storage Tanks (USTs) and car washing facilities that historically contributed to soil and groundwater contamination. Before the 1980s, the standard care for car dealerships was not stringent, and their washing systems did not have measures to retain, treat, or recycle water, leading to contaminants from vehicles seeping into the soil and groundwater.

Car dealerships, steeped in the history of America’s automobile industry, now confront a legacy of environmental challenges, rooted in decades-old practices and unresolved contamination issues.

While fueling facilities might have been upgraded in the 1980s to comply with new regulations, comprehensive remediation of existing contamination was often not undertaken, leaving many dealerships with unresolved environmental liabilities.

Today, dealership owners typically become aware of these pollution issues during property redevelopment, sale, or refinancing, which can bring significant financial and legal complications related to environmental remediation.


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Restorical Research provides crucial expertise to protect current car dealership owners and operators from unforeseen environmental liabilities and ensure the viability of property transactions or redevelopment projects.

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Restorical identifies historical insurance policies that could potentially cover cleanup costs. We specialize in uncovering these policies, which, if they exist, are often decades old and difficult to locate and interpret.


We help car dealership owners and operators make sense of the varied history of ownership and operations at these sites to determine liability and insurance responsibility.


Our team will also provide the specialized knowledge needed to navigate a successful insurance claim and obtain funding from historical insurance policies.


For clients currently involved in property transactions or redevelopment plans, our understanding of how best to leverage these insurance assets can play a crucial role in completing a successful transaction or project.

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