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Mitigating Environmental Cleanup

Our expertise provides property owners with a pathway to mitigate the financial impact of environmental contamination

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Mitigating Environmental Cleanup

Discovering unexpected contamination on your property can jeopardize your business’s stability and financial growth, and navigating these complexities of environmental impairment liability can be incredibly daunting for property owners. Let’s look at a hypothetical example. 

After years of dedication to her business, Susan decided to relocate her business to a prime city location to create a better market position for growth. Her original property was a valuable asset with increased zoning potential. Selling this property seemed like the perfect choice for financing the move. However, in the process, she discovered that her property once was a gas station, leaving behind a legacy of pollution. This threw her plans into turmoil. The cleanup costs exceeded most buyers’ budgets, threatening Susan’s financial planning and her business’s future.

Instead of giving up on her plan, Susan hired Restorical Research’s team of insurance archeologists who understand that environmental cleanup costs could be an unforeseen burden for property owners. We specialized in uncovering historical insurance policies that could cover such environmental liabilities. These policies, intended for third-party liabilities, could be a financial safeguard against the unforeseen costs of pollution cleanup, thus protecting Susan’s investment and supporting sustainable development. Our insurance archeologists’ expertise offered Susan a pathway to mitigate the financial impact of environmental contamination so she could pursue her business dreams.

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The Process

What Mitigating Environmental Cleanup

Mitigating environmental cleanup costs involves a strategic approach to recover funds for pollution remediation:
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It begins with locating old insurance policies that businesses have purchased, 4+ decades ago, which unknowingly may cover environmental liabilities.


Then, we complete a comprehensive policy analysis to assess the coverage details of these policies to understand the extent of protection against environmental cleanup costs.


Once we understand the policies, we develop a custom coverage strategy informed by our Trigger Analysis and our Big Three Data Sets.


The goal of our claim support is to assist in preparing and tendering claims to ensure that insurance carriers recognize the liabilities and cover our clients cleanup costs.


We aim to maximize the value of our clients historical insurance policies to the greatest extent possible. Covering your environmental remediation costs and safeguarding your financial interests.

Mitigating Environmental Cleanup Costs

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Mitigating Environmental Cleanup Costs

Frequently Asked Questions

Not every policy will cover these costs. However, many policies purchased before pollution exclusions became common may offer coverage. Our experts can analyze these policies to determine applicable coverage.

This does happen at times. We specialize in negotiating with insurance companies to achieve favorable outcomes. If necessary, we also provide support during litigation to ensure your rights are protected.

The timeframe can vary based on the complexity of the policy analysis, the negotiation process, and the specific details of the contamination. We will do everything in our power to expedite the process while ensuring thorough investigation and negotiation.


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