Case Study

Concrete and Asphalt Batch Plant

Tests confirmed pollution impacts were threatening the drinking water supply. Forced to shut down, this business was facing huge financial impacts.



For nearly 90 years the site was in continuous as a batch plant and this led to extensive contamination in the soil, groundwater and sediments in the adjacent waterway. The pollution was a direct result of the daily operations: batching concrete, material storage, fleet fueling, truck maintenance and washing out of concrete mixing drums directly to the ground and into unlined settlement ponds. When the business was forced to move to another location the legacy pollution had to be remediated from this 10+ acre property

Research & Process


The first thing our insurance archaeologists did was develop a comprehensive site history, environmental profile and corporate history. The current business was the result of several mergers and buyouts over the previous century. This was not the first time we had seen this in the construction industry and our archaeologists made quick work of consolidating all of the prior companies’ historical insurance policies under a single policyholder, our client.

With our Big Three Data Sets in hand and the Trigger Analysis completed we developed/implemented a Coverage Strategy. Working with the clients legal counsel, we were able to obtain coverage from numerous carriers spanning multiple decades, without litigation.

Our Results


The entire remediation of the site was funded 100% by insurance companies. All post remediation monitoring was funded 100% by insurance funding. The client has entered into a Joint-Venture agreement with a developer and this site is now in the permitting process to bring hundreds of desperately needed affordable apartments to market.

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