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We uncover decades-old insurance policies and transform them into tangible assets that cover your cleanup costs.

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Coverage Strategy Development

Restorical Research specializes in transforming legacy insurance policies into tangible assets for environmental liability coverage. With expert navigation of historical records, we develop robust coverage strategies to maximize claims recovery for our clients. Every day, we employ inventive strategies to access policies that are forty years and even older, often for clients who were not the original policyholders, ensuring that all avenues for coverage are explored and utilized successfully.

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The Process

What Coverage Strategy Development Involves

Unlocking the potential of “hidden assets” for environmental liabilities begins with discovery. Let’s explore how we create value from historical insurance policies:
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The Coverage Strategy process begins with a thorough review of the Trigger Analysis, specifically the “Big Three Data Sets”: Site History, Environmental Review and Insurance Coverage.


Next, we leverage our proprietary database made up of Restorical Research’s internal audit of thousands of past claims.

The goal: determine how the carrier(s) involved with the subject claim have acted in the past, with similar type claims, to approve tendered claims and obtain coverage.


Then, we craft a tailored strategy to secure the coverage you need by integrating the Trigger Analysis and the results of our proprietary database.


When our clients are elevated to Task 2, our role then shifts to collaborating closely with your legal counsel. Starting with bringing counsel up to speed with our Trigger Analysis. We then perfect the insurance Coverage Strategy with legal input. Finally, a tender letter is crafted and sent to the carrier(s).


We overcome obstacles raised by the carrier(s) with innovative solutions to ensure that even non-policyholder clients can leverage old insurance benefits for present needs. We champion your project to advocate for insurance coverage, without the need for litigation.

Coverage Strategy Development

Case Studies

Case Study

Concrete and Asphalt Batch Plant

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Case Study

Machine and Foundry

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Case Study

Fueling Facility

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Coverage Strategy Development

Frequently Asked Questions

That’s not necessarily a problem, our years of experience have taught us many innovative strategies that enable us to unlock coverage benefits regardless of your status as the policyholder.

We handle it. Our team specializes in tracing historical insurance policies and finding the trap door to obtain coverage and address the environmental aftermath of dissolved entities. These past policies can serve your present remediation needs.

Even in bankruptcy scenarios, there are several workarounds that may permit our clients to benefit from historical insurance policies for site clean-up and claims resolution.

Yes. We work in a collaborative effort with our clients and their legal counsel to strategize, develop, and implement a comprehensive coverage strategy.

Here is a single, powerful, example of how Restorical Research’s involvement drastically improves the success of our clients claim:

When our client’s legal counsel drafts a tender letter, we will review the letter, and offer suggested edits regarding facts (not law) as well as provide the answers to underwriting questions we know this specific carrier(s) will eventually ask and need answered to their satisfaction before providing coverage.

These questions and answers come from our proprietary database: Restorical has been auditing the insurance industry for 20+ years. With each claim, we learn something new or different from the interaction with insurance carriers, their legal counsel, underwriters, and 3rd party experts.


Years in Business

Allows us to be the leading insurance archaeology and claims management firm in the country


Million Recovered

We uncover hidden assets for our clients, and we excel at obtaining coverage for their environmental liabilities


Policyholder Clients Served

We only work for policyholders and property owners and do not offer our services to insurance companies


Historical Policy Database

Restorical has been collecting, analyzing, and cataloging historical insurance policies spanning the 1950s-1990s.

Our proprietary database with carrier-specific detail is leveraged for our clients on a daily basis

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For over the past 20+ years, Restorical has meticulously audited the insurance industry, including each individual insurance carrier, leveraging this real-world experience and our proprietary database to the advantage of our policyholder clients.