Case Study

Fueling Facility

When the value of this well located real estate outstripped the income from fueling, the business was shut down and property was marketed for sale.



The station was originally developed in the early 1900’s by Standard Oil and had been owned and operated by a Standard Oil successor until the 1970s when the family purchased the business and, eventually, the property. The corner lot was large and combined with an adjacent lot, made for a valuable redevelopment opportunity.

The business was shut down and the property was marketed for sale in 2007. A qualified buyer identified a large plume of contamination in the groundwater and walked away from the deal in 2008, just as the US entered the Great Recession.

Stuck with a polluted property, no business income and in a failing economy the family was out of options.

research & process


Through a referral, Restorical Research was introduced to the family and hired to find policies with an understanding the client had “just recently thrown all of their files away.” Within a few months, Restorical identified a few key resources, providing solid secondary insurance evidence.

Restorical was able to leverage the historical insurance evidence with our proprietary database and successfully identify carriers, policies and coverage’s from the 70s and 80s.

Restorical developed and implemented a comprehensive insurance coverage strategy with the family’s legal counsel and successfully obtained insurance funding to remediate the pollution.

Our Results


The family was able to get their property completely remediated with insurance funding and was able to sell their site in 2010 with an improved economy and without any price reductions.

Additionally, the family did not have to get into litigation with the prior owner, which happens to be a fortune 100 Oil company.

The insurance carrier(s) were able to subrogate their loss and pursue these Liable Parties on their own time and at their own costs.

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