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Insurance Allocation Analysis

When needed, Restorical will assist and advise legal counsel to justify allocation among multiple insurance carriers so you receive comprehensive cleanup coverage

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Insurance Allocation Analysis

Our Insurance Allocation Analysis services are designed to ensure you cleanup receives comprehensive coverage and mutual accountability among multiple insurers. This approach not only maximizes funding but also leverages the collective responsibility of carriers, significantly benefiting policyholders.

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What Insurance Allocation Analysis Involves

Insurance Allocation Analysis is crucial in optimizing risk distribution among carriers, as is maintaining good faith relations with these carriers:
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Before tendering a claim, we collaborate with clients and their insurance coverage attorneys to complete a pre-claim analysis, determining how risk will be allocated among different carriers.


We then identify your state-specified allocation methods, influenced by whether the jurisdiction follows ‘All Sums’ or a ‘Pro-Rata’ allocation of risk.


In an ‘All Sums’ state, we leverage a single policy with sufficient coverage limits that can potentially fund the entire cleanup cost. This can be highly advantageous for policyholders.


In ‘Pro-Rata’ jurisdictions, we locate all vital insurance policies to ensure maximum coverage, ensuring that each identified policy contributes proportionally to the cleanup costs.

Insurance Allocation Analysis

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Insurance Allocation Analysis

Frequently Asked Questions

Under ‘All Sums’, each single policy could be responsible for covering damages up to its policy limits, regardless of other policies or carriers involved. This can be highly advantageous for policyholders.

‘Pro-rata’ means each carrier is responsible only for their share of liability during the policy period. This often limits the carrier’s liability and can mean more out-of-pocket costs for policyholders.

Each policy we locate contributes to the cost, but it also means that a portion of the cleanup cost may need to be covered out-of-pocket. Therefore, our aim is always to locate as many policies as possible.


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