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We uncover historical insurance policies so current bus barn owners can fund their facility’s environmental legacies efficiently. 


Bus Barns and the Need for Insurance Archaeology Services

In every corner of America you can find Bus Barns or Fleet Maintenance Facilities, be it under the management of a transit authority, school, utility, corporation, municipal government, or port. 

These facilities play a critical role in ensuring that fleet vehicles are well-maintained and operational with their dedication to fueling, cleaning, storage and maintenance.

“Bus Barns, with their decades-old infrastructure, face a complex legacy of hydrocarbon pollution and groundwater contamination, necessitating a careful balance of environmental compliance and financial management.

With infrastructure in some cases over 70 years old, these facilities have seen generations of fueling, repairing and cleaning practices, often leading to present day environmental challenges. 

Over-spills and leaking lines from USTs have resulted in significant hydrocarbon pollution, impacting not just the site but potentially neighboring properties as well. 

Furthermore, the cleaning practices, essential for both presentation and functionality, have historically utilized chlorinated solvents similar to those in dry cleaning operations. This may contribute to widespread groundwater contamination and vapor intrusion issues, a legacy that current owners must now confront.

For current owners and operators of Bus Barns, addressing these historical environmental issues is not just a matter of environmental compliance but also a financial challenge. This is where the expertise of professional insurance archaeologists, like those at Restorical Research, becomes invaluable.


How Restorical Research Can Help

At Restorical Research, we understand the complexities and challenges faced by owners of Bus Barns in dealing with the environmental legacies of their facilities. Our expertise in insurance archaeology and claims management offers a pathway to not only uncovering historical insurance assets but also leveraging them to address these challenges effectively with funding.

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Our historical policy identification dives into the past to uncover Comprehensive General Liability policies purchased by these facilities, sometimes stretching back decades. These policies (“hidden assets”) are often unrealized and untapped for funding environmental remediation.


Our team specializes in utilizing these historical insurance assets to finance the necessary remediation of pollution caused by past practices at Bus Barns and Fleet Maintenance Facilities.


We recognize each facility’s unique history and challenges and provide tailored solutions for obtaining insurance coverage to fund the environmental cleanup.


Our services extend beyond just locating old insurance policies. We provide comprehensive support by guiding our clients, and their legal counsel, through the entire process of environmental remediation, ensuring funding is available to address the financial burden of our clients.

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