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Vapor Intrusion Remediation & Mitigation

We are adept at navigating the intricacies of vapor intrusion and securing insurance coverage for our clients based on historical policies

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Vapor Intrusion Remediation & Mitigation

Often stemming from historical contaminations like those at gas stations and dry cleaners, vapor intrusion poses significant risks as pollutants travel from soil and groundwater, permeating through to the air we breathe. Over the last decade and a half, vapor intrusion has emerged as a critical remediation concern, garnering heightened attention from federal and state agencies that have been pivotal in identifying contamination sources and mitigating their harmful impacts on the inhabitants of affected areas. 

Unlike traditional soil and groundwater cleanups, the remediation approach for vapor intrusion is distinct and complex. This complexity extends to seeking insurance coverage for vapor intrusion remediation, which involves unique arguments and a nuanced understanding of the coverages. 

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The Process

What Vapor Intrusion Remediation & Mitigation Involves

As insurance archeologists, we at Restorical Research prioritize comprehending these intricacies to effectively assist our clients. Our services include:
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Completing comprehensive assessments to identify the extent of vapor intrusion and its sources, including historical uses that may have contributed to the issue.


Utilizing our in-depth knowledge to recover costs from old insurance policies specifically tailored for vapor intrusion claims.


Crafting effective strategies for the remediation and mitigation of vapor intrusion, distinct from conventional soil and groundwater approaches.


Providing specialized support in both technical and legal aspects, ensuring robust arguments for insurance coverage.


Focusing on each client’s unique needs and circumstances to achieve the best possible outcomes in vapor intrusion cases.

Vapor Intrusion Remediation & Mitigation

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Dry Cleaner & the Ecosystem

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Vapor Intrusion Remediation & Mitigation

Frequently Asked Questions

Vapor Intrusion specifically involves the movement of harmful vapors from contaminated soil or groundwater into the breathable air, presenting unique risks and remediation challenges.

Insurance archeology helps uncover and utilize historical insurance policies to recover costs associated with Vapor Intrusion mitigation and remediation, a process often overlooked in standard approaches.


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