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Die Casting Company

After unsuccessfully searching for their old policies, this Die Casting Company had given up and were funding their cleanup out of pocket.



Die Casting Company, founded in the 1950s, specializes in zinc die-casting services and automotive and industrial applications. The company had unsuccessfully searched for its historic insurance policies, for years, since the Department of Ecology (DOE) placed the property under an Agreed Order with several neighboring businesses for area-wide contamination in the groundwater.

The pollution was commingled with multiple sources and each business had their own set of attorneys and environmental consultants. The costs being paid out of pocket were astronomical.

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The Die Casting company had been told by their consultant they should give Restorical a chance. Figuring he had nothing to lose he hired Restorical.

Restorical was successful in locating a decade’s worth of historical insurance policies and working with our clients legal counsel obtaining coverage for Die Casting Company.

Our Results


The great news is that Restorical worked collaboratively with clients team and we were able to successfully Recover all of the clients past investigative and cleanup costs. With insurance funding available, the characterization of this complex site was able to be completed and the remediation implemented.

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