Case Study

Historical City Landfill

The City’s claims to their insurance carrier were denied so they had to pay out of pocket for their cleanup, and then they met Restorical.



The landfill operated for 40 years and was closed in the 1980s when it reached capacity. The standard practice at the time was to cap the landfill with earth and fence off the area. Two decades later, testing showed that the landfill had leachate that had entered the groundwater and was threatening the drinking water supply. Using tremendous resources the City tried to find their policies but were unable to get more than tertiary evidence. Their tendered claims were denied so the City self funded the study to characterize the pollution and implemented the cleanup plan, all of which was extremely costly.

research & process


Restorical Research was referred to the City by another client and we were able to pick up where the City’s insurance journey ended a decade earlier. We identified viable insurance policies spanning 3 decades from when the landfill was in operation and using our team of forensic accountants we were able to re-create past costs incurred by the City over they years. Finally, working with the City’s legal counsel we were able to recover all past costs and get insurance to fund the rest of the cleanup.

Our Results


The Landfill has been closed and groundwater monitoring shows that the City’s water supply is no longer threatened from the contaminants that are safely encapsulated.

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