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After 6 Years of Looking in Vain, They Turned to Restorical

Our die casting company client, founded in the 1950s, specialized in zinc die-casting services and automotive, industrial and aerospace applications. They were notified that pollution was emanating from their property in 2007. The state agency had placed the client under an Agreed Order–along with several neighboring businesses–for widespread groundwater contamination. This complex environmental contamination was also associated with a neighboring Superfund site so the timeline for cleanup was a lengthy one.

At that time, the client undertook a company-wide search for their historic insurance policies. When they couldn’t find their old policies on their own, the Die Casting Company turned to Restorical in 2013. Restorical discovered several decades worth of historic insurance policies within 6 weeks. Working with the client, their legal counsel and their environmental consultant, we developed a strategy for the claim and obtained coverage needed. At the time of this writing, we are still making sure the carriers are paying all of the expenses associated with the pollution and cleanup.

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