The Restorical Research team consists of veteran professionals and includes archeologists and forensic accountants. Yet we realize the complexities of insurance archeology and environmental cleanup are confusing to people who don’t work in the field day in and day out. If you have questions about Restorical Research and how we might help you, please reach out to us. We are here to help. Until then, meet the principals…


Jeff Berebitsky

Jeff has worked in the field of insurance archaeology for 17 years. He has extensive expertise in the pursuit of historical claims. Jeff has successfully worked hundreds of cases by locating insurance coverage and assisting with pushing claims through. As part of his role, he interfaces on a daily basis with clients, attorneys, accountants, insurance brokers, insurance carriers and lenders. Jeff knows the many resources available to locate evidence of liability insurance coverage for companies. He also has the ability to implement a structured approach to locating insurance coverage for policy holders.

Jeff’s favorite part of insurance archeology is knowing that tax payers will not be on the hook for cleaning up the properties Restorical gets involved with. “Unfortunately, the current system is set up in such a way that companies can contaminate a property then walk away knowing their local government will cover the cleanup cost down the road,” he says. “Our approach ensures the private sector remains in control of the problems created…not the tax payers.”

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Ben Pariser

Ben brings over 20 years of experience in the real estate, construction and development fields to each project. Ben began working in the construction industry at a young age and built his first house while in high school. He went on to develop and construct single-family and multi-family master planned communities, as well as commercial, retail, office, hotel and private utility projects that spanned 4 states and 12 municipalities. He has experience across the spectrum, from managing teams of subcontractors and to negotiating acquisitions, executing contracts and coordinating the build-out of multimillion-dollar developments.

One of Ben’s favorite parts of insurance archeology is knowing Restorical is making a difference, helping to clean up the environment one polluted property at a time while also changing people’s lives.

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