You got stuck with a cleanup bill. We help you get unstuck by finding ways to pay for it.

Restorical is an established team of professionals who share a passion for discovery. We are driven by the knowledge that the long hours we spend interviewing, digging through files, and piecing together years-old puzzles will produce economic justice for our clients. Usually, this justice is the difference between a property being cleared for a sale or development transaction or lying dormant while the owner still has to pay property taxes and otherwise viable land sits unused.

At Restorical Research, we are insurance archeologists in search of old policies. We call these long-lost, forgotten and destroyed policies “hidden assets” because they are a financial resource for an environmental liability that’s not budgeted for. And we don’t do this on behalf of the insurance carriers. We only work for policyholders. That makes a difference in our approach.

Restorical Research is a proven performer in getting to the bottom of historical insurance liability

Research History

Putting the Pieces Together


As the archeologists, we do the digging to find the old policies. Then we go the next step to help you and your legal counsel make good faith claims to the insurance carriers. We succeed when our clients get funding from these old policies for the investigation and remediation of contaminated sites.

Since our founding in 2001, we have successfully helped over 2,000 public and private policyholders access these historical “hidden assets.” Working for law firms, property owners, environmental firms, and state agencies, we have successfully located billions of dollars of historical insurance coverage. Our services include insurance archaeology–including environmental, construction defect and asbestos–claim advisory services, claims management and forensic accounting.

Restorical was founded in 2001 by David Valinetz, who structured Restorical based on his strong regulatory background coupled with his environmental and accounting degrees.

In addition to our work for policyholder clients, over the past 2 decades, we have been conducting a meticulous audit of the insurance industry, including each individual insurance carrier. We leverage this in-depth knowledge and our proprietary database in service of our policyholder clients.

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