Restorical is an established team of professionals who share a passion for discovery. The rewards of their endeavors is knowing that the long hours they spend interviewing, digging through files, and piecing years-old puzzles together to produce economic justice for our clients. Usually, this justice is the difference between a property being cleared for a sales or development transaction, or lying dormant and collecting taxes, and it can often be the difference between fulfilling a retirement plan or losing a nest egg.

Restorical Research has been fully immersed in the pursuit of historical insurance policies, and subsequent good faith claims for the past ten years and have an impressive record of performance. We conduct our research for property owners, environmental consultants, municipalities, state agencies, developers, operators, and law firms.

Restorical Research is a proven performer in getting to the bottom of historical insurance liability

Research History

Putting the Pieces Together


Restorical provides historical claims research for environmental firms, municipalities, state agencies, insurance companies and law firms.

Throughout history, people have recycled the land. That’s why archaeologists find cities built in place of, and even on top of, other cities. Before the industrial age, this recycling was relatively harmless.

But today, sites that are being developed are most likely ones that were formerly occupied by, or are adjacent to, businesses that leaked petrochemicals and other harmful elements into the soil and ground water. The remediation cost for these developments is very high and can negatively impact the project.

Fortunately, we provide an answer that helps land owners offset remediation costs by finding previous owners’ insurance policies that are, indeed, still in force. Tracking them down is not an easy task, but our performance record is excellent, and, before we get started we can usually indicate a strong likelihood of success to our client.

We can get started with a phone call or email.

Working with Restorical is very easy. If our review of the case holds promise, Restorical will then set up a client agreement reflecting the goals of each party and we can move forward with the case.



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